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mango sapling with water bucket

From seed to fruit 

ripe mangoes trr_edited.jpg

Left to live in barren soil, a young tree grows undernourished and unable to bear fruit, its potential unrealized.  The caring farmer who irrigates and provides nutrients to the land allows the tree to grow healthier and fully develop.  As the tree matures over the years, it forms sturdy roots and strong branches with wide plentiful leaves eventually bearing fruit. The proud farmer is rewarded with bountiful harvests every year and feeds a grateful community. How sweet it is!

Gifted children born into poverty also face an uncertain and grim future if left to their fate. Like the nurturing farmer, the Foundation helps out promising children achieve their potential. Almost all of our scholarship grants are given from high school until they  graduate in college. We firmly believe our long-term investment in their education produces high returns in their lives and future.   We have witnessed their transformation from children into young adults. Confident. Articulate. Optimistic. Knowledgeable. Independent. Ready and capable of facing challenges ahead. An inspiration and a valuable asset to their families. A  dynamic contributor to society. 

Watch videos of our past scholars to learn about their life journey.

Zee Escarnuela 2017
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