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S U M M E R   T U T O R I A L 

​An initiative of veteran educator Jean Palomo, this highly successful annual program tutors kids at the primary school level who fall behind academically. Supervised by volunteer teaching staff, our scholars serve as mentors to their younger wards as part of their community service.


C L A S S R O O M   C O M P U T E R S

Dr. Sandee Dee, president of the West Tennessee Fil-Am Association, donated funds for the purchase of two new computers with printers to replace equipment damaged at the Dao Elementary School by Typhoon Yolanda.


S U P E R T Y P H O O N   Y O L A N D A 

This Category 5 storm, the strongest on record to make landfall, claimed 215 lives and displaced 2.3 million people in Capiz. Close to 500,000 homes were partially or completely destroyed. The Foundation donated tarpaulins for temporary shelter to many families whose homes were severely damaged.


 U. S. T.   M E D I C A L   M I S S I O N   2 0 2 3

University of Santo Tomas (UST) conducted free clinics in primary and specialty care from January 9-13  within its Espana, Manila campus to serve the indigent population  in the local community. Dr. Jun Escutin supervised and assisted doctors-in-training and medical students in providing consultation services for patients with brain and nerve disorders.

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S W I M    C A M P 

​Swimming offers many benefits in terms of health, recreation and water safety. Jun Escutin, a certified swim instructor, gave DEF students lessons in basic aquatic skills such as breathing, floating and stroke techniques during a summer session at the Lolet Eco Park resort pool complex. This activity will be a regular event for continuity, skill reassessment and improvement.

B R I G A D A  E S K W E L A

Along with teacher Amy Magbanua, our scholars participate in this yearly activity before the opening of the school year. Also known as Bayanihan Para Sa Paaralan (Working Together for Schools), student volunteers beautify and clean up their surroundings and their classrooms to promote a sense of community and civic duty.

L E A R N I N G   T O O L S

Through the years, the town's public elementary school system had been the beneficiary of a number of book sets, encyclopedias, overhead projectors, microscopes, etc. turned over by DEF.


Y O L A N D A   M E D I C A L   M I S S I O N

In response to the calamity caused by typhoon Yolanda, a medical team from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) flew to Capiz to help out. Composed of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other support personnel, the team provided clinical care and minor surgeries to more than 1000 patients in the town of Dao. The team also served patients in Roxas City and in the town of Panitan.

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B A R A N G A Y   M E D I C A L   K I T 

The Foundation gave away diagnostic and treatment tools to a local health unit.  This donation will help address the medical needs of children and adults, especially seniors, in the area.


G A M E   S E T   M A T C H

​Long-time tennis instructor Efren Intas and his young players pose behind the new court net. DEF donated racquets, tennis balls, strings and stringing equipment to encourage and expose the younger generation to this beautiful game.

C O M P U T E R   L I T E R A C Y

​Elme Salazar, a Computer Science graduate, teaches some of DEF's younger scholars computer skills. Hands-on learning was made possible by the availability of several donated laptop computers.

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S U R P L U S   E Q U I P M E N T

Several Southern California charities were the recipients of overhead and LCD projectors for meetings and conferences. These equipment had been in storage and were donated for better utility.


A   L I F E   S A V E D

JPB was a teenager afflicted with a rapidly growing tumor of the jaw (ameloblastoma) causing marked disfigurement, speech and swallowing problems. He underwent complex surgeries and medical treatment at UST hospital. Dr. Primo Andres, executive director of the UST Medical Alumni Association of America, fast tracked the process and supervised his overall care. Photos show before, after and one year after his operation.


R U R A L   H E A L T H 

​The Foundation donated two binocular microscopes to the health center. These optical equipment are being used in the laboratory for tuberculosis and infectious disease screening,  surveillance and treatment follow-up. 

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