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Incorporated in 2005, Dao Educational Foundation (DEF) is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing learning opportunities beyond primary school to the intellectually gifted but underprivileged children of Dao, Capiz in the Philippines.

Poverty relief and empowering the youth via education are our main focus. After completion of primary school, candidates are screened based on academic merit and financial need. Scholarship grants are provided annually throughout high school and for a 4-year college degree.   Each scholar is encouraged to participate in a community service every year. After the 2024-2025 schoolyear, only college scholarships will be offered. 

The Foundation also assists local educators enhance classroom instruction via provision of teaching tools and learning resources. Promoting health is also one of  our goals.

Dao is a municipality of Capiz province in the Visayan island of Panay in the central Philippines. In 2020, its population totaled 33,842. Capiznon, a variant of Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), is spoken widely. The majority of the populace identify their faith as Roman Catholic. Nearly 80% of the land area is agricultural with rice, corn, sugarcane and coconut as the main crops cultivated.

A survey found that only 6% of the population have college degrees and 18% are high school graduates. Most are unskilled and perform  low-wage work as tenant farmers, laborers and domestic help. Many marry in their teens and often have large families with meager means to support themselves. Hence, the poverty burden is passed on from generation to generation. The majority struggle just to put food on the table due to very  limited work options.

Through education, we can offer some of these smart kids a path towards a middle-class life to free themselves and their loved ones from the shackles of poverty.

E n r i c h i n g  m i n d s  .  .  .  i m p r o v i n g  l i v e s


Poblacion Ilawod, Dao, Capiz, Philippines

Redlands, California, U.S.A.

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): 202683798          California Corporation Number (CCN): C2695258


Dr. Jun Escutin Executive Director    Corrie Yap  Operations Director-Local Coordinator





Dr. Jun Escutin Chair  -  Dr. John Lo  -  Dr. Marichi Lo  -  Dr. Evelyn Katigbak



Mary Jean Palomo  -  Amy Magbanua


Myca Villegas Chair 

 Christine Lorico Vice Chair (External Affairs)  -  Angelyn Ricaforte  Vice Chair (Internal Affairs)

Delany Atejada Secretary I  -  Angel Delsocora Secretary II

Finance & Logistics

John Alcazaren  -  Imerald Tayco

Batch Representatives

Ronelyn Talamillo 2014 - Kristine Claro 2015 - Rhymrose Bendero 2016 - Geline Salomeo 2017 -Angela Capapas 2018

Abegail Daradar Social Media Lead

Corrie and Jun
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DEF sign Bing & Ate
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